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FEB 4 - Karaoke - Metro Cafe Diner

FEB 6 - Karaoke - Metro Cafe Diner

FEB 7 - iThink Improv Show (Guest Improv Performer!)

FEB 11 - Karaoke - Metro Cafe Diner

FEB 13 - Comedy Heartbreakers IV -Earl Smith Strand

FEB 14 - Live at Canopy + The Roots -Dahlonega (Headliner)

FEB 18 - Karaoke - Metro Cafe Diner

FEB 19 - Laughing Skull Lounge

FEB 20 - Bay Creek Middle School Career Day*

FEB 20 - Karaoke - Metro Cafe Diner

FEB 24 - RepTour Improv Troupe - School Show*

FEB 25 - RepTour Improv Troupe - School Show*

FEB 25 - Karaoke - Metro Cafe Diner

FEB 27 - RepTour Improv Troupe - School Show*

FEB 28 - RepTour Improv Troupe - School Show*

FEB 29 - unBOXed Comedy Show

* = Not open to the public

Jessica is currently booking a lot of private events!

Let her entertain you and your guests!

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Please note: Metro Cafe Diner is a 24 hour resturant, and has karaoke every night of the week.

Jessica is on the Karaoke DJ roster at

Metro Cafe Diner!  You can find her hosting every

Tuesday and Thursday Night!

Check the schedule or Follow her on social media for updates on her non-Tuesday/Thursday Karaoke nights!


Jessica is now a Fish Stick! She recently joined a national clean and Christian Improv Troupe! Check out the website to learn more and get details on booking this national Christian Improv troupe!

Bookings: https://fishstickscomedy.com/